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Apply for Assistance

Information About Online Applications

The Online Farm Rescue Application for Assistance is the same as the Farm Rescue Application for Assistance, except you can fill it out and submit it immediately. All documentation submitted to Farm Rescue will be kept confidential and reviewed only by committee members for the purpose of determining eligibility.

To apply for assistance from Farm Rescue, please read the form thoroughly and fill it out completely. In addition to the application, Farm Rescue also needs the following:

• FSA - Producer Farm Data Report

• FSA maps with fields highlighted

• Letter from physician if based on medical illness or injury

• Financial Balance Sheet

• Photo of yourself

Please send these documents to Farm Rescue through one of the following methods:

• Fax: 708-221-6488

• Email:

• Mail: PO Box 28, Horace, ND 58047

Contact us at 701-252-2017 or if you have questions regarding the application process. Additional information may be required upon receipt of application.


FARM RESCUE SPONSOR - North Star Community Credit Union


FEATURED VOLUNTEERS - Clay & Bill Robertson


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