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Application FAQs

Q: Who is eligible to apply for assistance?
A: Applicants must be actively engaged in farming, have a viable farming operation, and at least three years of experience operating their own farm.

Q: Can Farm Rescue provide free planting, harvesting or haying assistance when there has been a death in a family?
A: No. By law and according to the IRS guidelines of our nonprofit status, Farm Rescue cannot use donated funds to help someone who is no longer alive.

Q: Who makes the final determination on which farmers will receive assistance?
A: The Farm Rescue board of directors makes the final determination. All information from applicants is kept confidential and is used only to determine eligibility.

Q: Is there a limit to how often a farmer may receive assistance?
A: Assistance is limited to one planting, harvesting, haying and livestock feeding operation every three years per family farm.

Q: Does Farm Rescue give money to farmers?
A: No. Farm Rescue does not give money to farmers! The organization merely provides the labor (volunteers) and farm equipment (supplied by business sponsors) to plant, harvest or hay up to a 1,000 acres per farm family. Families are responsible for providing crop inputs (seed, fertilizer and fuel). Farm Rescue also has equipment available for livestock feeding assistance.


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