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(JOHNSTOWN, N.D.) — When Matthew Fischer lost his left arm and left leg to a farming accident in November 2013, it could have been the end of his family’s ability to maintain their family farm near Mercer, N.D. But thanks to a supportive community, and the volunteers and equipment from North Dakota-based Farm Rescue, his 2014 crop was planted quickly and on-time as Fischer continued to adjust to using his new prosthetics.

Fischer was just one of 50 family farmers in five states aided by Farm Rescue in 2014, and the organization is again ready to provide volunteer labor and equipment for the 2015 planting season to farm families who have experienced a major illness, injury or natural disaster. Farm Rescue provides aid to farmers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and eastern Montana.

Applications for the 2015 planting season are now being accepted, with priority given to those received prior to March 31. Application forms may be found on the organization’s website at or by calling
701-252-2017. Friends may also call to anonymously refer a family they believe could use Farm Rescue’s help.

Each family selected for assistance can receive up to 1,000 acres planted free of charge.

Since 2006, Farm Rescue has assisted 300 farm families who have experienced hardships ranging from open-heart surgery and cancer treatment to severed limbs and car accidents. The organization has been supported by more than 200 business sponsors and donors and nearly a thousand volunteers who have contributed time and expertise to helping farmers with planting, haying, and harvesting.

More information about contributing to Farm Rescue or becoming a volunteer can be found at or by calling 701-252-2017.

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