Farm Rescue operates solely on the generosity of others. We are funded entirely through grants, sponsorships from businesses and organizations, and donations that are sent in from individuals across the country.

Donations from people like yourself who annually send in $20 to $100 or more. From people like yourself who make a donation in memory of a loved one. From people who live in faraway places, far removed from agriculture, like the Bronx in New York City.

We may never know what it is about Farm Rescue that resonates with people, enough so that they open their checkbooks and freely give so our organization may help farm families experiencing a crisis. Perhaps the giving comes from those who have family in agriculture or have a family history once rooted in farming. Perhaps it is just knowing the importance of helping those who grow our daily bread.

Whatever the reason, Farm Rescue is thankful for all donations that keep our volunteers in the field and farm families on the land!

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