2016 Weekly Highlights

August 18, 2016

    When mother nature decides to unleash fury, it's hard to keep operations going.  Farm Rescue is able to assist in these cases and in Cando, ND, that time was this week.  The Kurtti family, heard on the radio that a tornado was on the ground in the general vicinity of their farm and when they arrived, they discovered total destruction of their home, buildings and equipment damaged beyond recognition.  Farm Rescue Volunteers Kyle Thormodson and Charlie Bailey were able to arrive in the nick of time and begin baling while the Kurtti Family started to pick up the pieces and rebuild stronger than ever.  

August 8. 2016

Farm Rescue Volunteers sprang into action this week as they assisted a family in Amidon, ND.  Volunteers, Phil Jung, Brandon White and John Robertson drove equipment from Breckenridge, MN to Amidon and were able to get off loaded just in time for a small rain shower.  In the farming world, we never curse the rain as it can always stop.  

July 16

Farm Rescue has added a new program in which we will take donations of hay and transport that hay to a ranching family who is also in need.  Volunteers Charlie Bailey and Gary Krieger were able to haul loads of hay to families in Baker, MT who have suffered catastrophic drought and hail.  It's an exciting new way in which Farm Rescue can assist even more families in crisis.  

July 8

Volunteers Charlie and Pat Bailey and Will Rudolphi assisted family in Scobey, MT.  Farmer fell from his haying wagon and was injured.   Sky in Montana is most definately big!

July 1, 2016

Ahh, the smells of summertime.  Fresh hay being baled fills the air.  This week, Volunteers William Rudolphi (Champaign, IL) and Charlie and Pat Bailey (Earth, TX) moved the baler to Wolford, ND to assist a farmer who suffered some injuries during a traffic accident.  Thank you to all the great volunteers who give of their time and talents to assist a total stranger in a time of need.  These volunteers and families are not strangers long as many become friends and stay in touch throughout the years.  You'll never forget these times and the great memories made.  

June 24, 2016

Mr. Gull inspecting the job that Keith Barkema (Klemme, IA) is doing while assisting a family in Granville, ND.  Also, possibly ready to swoop down and gobble up a grasshopper maybe?  


June 17, 2016

Volunteers Charile and Pat Bailey (Earth, TX) and Lee and Shirley Krump (Battle Lake, MN) assisted in Washburn, ND this week.  Farmer was severly injured while checking his cows and is currently in the hospital recovering from his injuries.  Charlie happened to be in the right place at the right time and met the spouse of the injured farmer, described Farm Rescue's operations, and with their approved case, Farm Rescue was able to assist in swathing and baling hay for their cows.  

June 10, 2016

Busy week for volunteers Levi and Carol Wielenga (Sioux City, IA), Charlie and Pat Bailey (Earth, TX) as they prepared the tractor and bailer in Bismarck, ND.  They used the lowboy semi to transport the baler to Howard, South Dakota to assist the Kevin Schwander family.  Kevin was injured while checking his cows using his ATV.  

It's not what you think

Typically, when you see a fireman squirting water on a tractor, you'd think maybe a fire was being put out.  In this case, that is not what's happening.  When Farm Rescue is nearing completion of the planting season, volunteers work with local volunteer fire departments to come out to the farm to help clean the equipment.  It provides a much needed service to Farm Rescue as well as training for the local volunteer fire department.  Rugby, ND volunteer fire department was gracious enough to assist in cleaning the equipment in preparation for maintenance and display of our equipment.  Thank you volunteers!

May 13, 2016

Been a very productive week for the volunteers of Farm Rescue.  Dryer conditions have made it possible to complete many cases.

Mark Baumgarten (Bettendorf, IA), Mark Olson (Binford, ND) and Clay Robertson (Fayetville, TN) were able to complete cases in Williston, Bowbells and Rolla, ND

Kenneth Chyle (Auburn, KY), Emil Baranko (Waukegan, IL) and Lee Van Ruler (Sioux Falls, SD) were able to complete Max, Turtle Lake and are now in Garrison, ND.

Duane Wentland (Rice, MN) and Steve Bemboom (Foley, MN) completed planting in Lindsay, MN and provided this weeks photo above.

Patrick Marrinan (Polson, MT) planted in Beach, ND.

A huge thank you to these great volunteers who give of their time and talents to assist so many families.

May 4, 2016

After many delays due to rain, this dust is a welcome sight.  Volunteers Ken Chyle, Emil Baranko, and Lee Van Ruler were able to get underway in Makoti, ND planting spring wheat and flax for the Byron and Sheilah Scheinfish family.  Tanner Millang, Clay Robertson and Charlie Bartsch were able to plant in Parshall, ND.  Planting wheat for the Anthony Kautt family.  

April 29, 2016

     Volunteers worked in Hazen, ND, Parshall, ND, Kief, ND, and DeSmet, SD to plant, as mother nature provided some much needed rain in the region.  This past winter has been dry so the rain was a blessing, but hampered planting.  

April 22, 2016

Volunteers spent the week setting up equipment and preparing for the 2016 Spring planting season.  Farm Rescue has received a number of applications and expects to be very busy this spring.

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