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2018 Weekly Highlights

May 29, 2018 - Wash Up and Wrap Up

Did you know? Rural Fire Departments are a friend of Farm Rescue! Many times, the departments - usually volunteer - come out with a fire truck when our rigs are getting dirty to hose off the dirt and grime. This saves us a lot of power washing time and gets us to the next case earlier so we can help more people in less time!  Thank you to all the fire departments that have helped us this year, and in years past. What a great group of people to work with!

I’m excited to announce we have officially wrapped up Planting season of 2018! And did it safely. Crew 1 finished the year by planting soybeans at Finley, ND for a farmer fighting brain cancer. Crew 2 completed cases at Rosholt, SD (Shoulder injuries), Webster, SD (Cancer), and Ashley, ND (Brain Cancer). Fifteen farm families were assisted by Farm Rescue this planting season!

Volunteers who helped the last week are Kim and Ruth Brown, Mike Wilson, Mike Youngblood, Steve Satterwaite, Jeff Preston, Clarence Kuss and Jeff Strand. Thank you to all the volunteers who made this a successful season!

Thank you again to everyone for your support this season,

Carol Wielenga, Program Director

May 18, 2018 - The People!

We just cannot emphasize the people enough! The people we help - extremely generous and like family despite their recent experiences. The people who volunteer - always smiling and so happy to be able to help, despite no compensation for their long hours. And the people who support us - the Farm Rescuers who sponsor, donate, share our mission or fundraise, despite not always getting to meet so many of those they are helping. All are sooo appreciated. Take a deeper look at the people of Farm Rescue. Farmers are featured under the “2018 Assisted Farmers and Ranchers”. Volunteers under “Meet the Volunteers”. And sponsors under the "Sponsor" tab. Thank you to ALL of our people!

Back to the Field Operations side of things - our team is very excited to welcome, well, my husband, Levi Wielenga as our full-time Operations Manager. He will be leading our volunteer force from the field, and will also be doing some fundraising as well. Make sure you say hi and introduce yourself to him if you see him around. However, I will warn you - he’s a hugger!  This is his seventh year with Farm Rescue, and he still absolutely loves it. His passion for this organization is contagious! (Pictured above)

In the field, Crew 1 and 2 finished their wheat seeding, and began soybeans - they completed cases for wonderful families of Cayuga, ND (Heart Attack), Perth, ND (Cancer), Lisbon, ND (Coma, recovery) and Lidgerwood, ND (Surgery). Volunteers on site the last week are Tom Meyer, Mike Melaas, Mark Baumgarten, Clay Robertson, Mark Burton, John and Carol Andrews, Jeff Preston, Jim Lawrence, Mike Wilson and Lee Van Ruler.

While we’ve been able to keep going without too many rain delays, we are also praying for adequate rain for all the crops this year, especially in the west where it is so needed.

Until next week,

Carol Wielenga, Program Director

May 11, 2018 - And So It Begins

Lots of good happening now, right in your rural neighborhoods! Crew 1 arrived to Ryder, ND and planted small grains for a farmer recovering from an extended stay in the hospital. After completing assistance for them, they had a short move to Plaza, ND area. In Plaza, they planted a variety of small grains for a farmer fighting a brain tumor. They are now headed West towards the border of Montana. Meanwhile, to the South, Crew 2 moved to Elgin, ND and planted wheat for a farmer dealing with seizures, and also seeded for another who had a knee replacement. They then moved to Selfridge, ND and planted for a farmer who was recently in a farm accident. Currently they are en route to Cayuga, ND.

We have had a great start to a late Spring, and look forward to good, productive days ahead. The volunteers are working hard to plant day and night alike so we can serve our farmers in a timely manner. Volunteers who have selflessly given the past week are Levi Wielenga, Tom Meyer, Mark Baumgarten, Mike Melaas, Jerry Burau, Garry Deckert, Clay Robertson, Mark Burton, Albert Lautenschlager, Ken Enstrom, Rich Thuesen, Lee Van Ruler, Kenneth Chyle, Jed Wall and John and Carol Andrews!

Say a prayer for their safety, and the safety of all farmers during this time, and we will connect again next week!

Until then,

Carol Wielenga, Program Director

May 3, 2018 - Ready to Roll

Farm Rescue planting crews are in full motion! Volunteers, Levi and Carol Wielenga, Garry Deckert, Alan Enger, Lee Van Ruler and Kenneth Chyle got the equipment set up, decalled and ready to go last week. Crew 1 (Tom Meyer, Ken Enstrom, Jerry Burau and Rich Thuesen) is on the road today to Ryder, ND to plant small grains, and after already completing a wheat case near Long Lake, SD, Crew 2 (Kenneth Chyle and Lee Van Ruler) is now is headed for Elgin, ND.

Please be careful on the roads as there is a lot of machinery moving around, and keep the farmers in your thoughts and prayers for a safe and productive season this May!  

As always, a big thank you to our sponsors that make this possible. A special thanks goes out to RDO Equipment Company for again supplying equipment to make planting possible!  

Until next week,

Carol Wielenga, Program Director

**Do you want to be a Farm Rescuer or Refer a Family for Assistance?  Go to or call us at 701-252-2017.**


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Farm Rescue 2017- Linton, ND (500th Assisted Family)