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About Us

Mission & Vision

The mission of Farm Rescue is to help family farms and ranches bridge crises so they have an opportunity to continue viable operations. Farm Rescue provides planting, haying, harvesting, livestock feeding assistance and commodity and hay hauling to farm and ranch families that have experienced a major injury, illness or natural disaster. We have assisted over 550 farm and ranch families since our inception in 2005!

We see that one of the biggest financial drains on a family is an unexpected medical injury or illness and, of course, a natural disaster. It is even more pronounced on a farm where a family's livelihood depends on the ability to plant, harvest or provide for their herd.

Farm Rescue gives families a chance to continue their livelihood by providing the necessary equipment and manpower (free of charge) to get the job done.


FARM RESCUE SPONSOR - Hess Corporation


FARM RESCUE VOLUNTEERS - Pete and Pete Giambattista


Farm Rescue 2018 - Langdon, ND